Carl & Jill Toth Executive Producers....

 "Our project was in safe hands with Gabriel and his team. There was a passion on their part to accurately communicate the key message in translation. They continually went the extra mile for us, and as a result our project was completed in a timely manner with great excellence."



"Christian Dubbing Studio has been doing subtitling work for our movies for several years now. It is a joy to work with them. They do their work in a timely fashion, it is high quality work and they do it with integrity. We couldn't be more pleased with their work or our working relationship with them."

Joel Haley- Subtitling Manager



Christian Dubbing Studio is a God honoring organization, which always strives to provide a professional service They are very attentive to detail and committed to produce results that will exceed your expectations” 

~Miguel Esparza – Director of Living Waters Spanish Outreach.



" I have been working with Creative Routes and Christian Dubbing Studio for the past 5 years and they have translated and lip-synced 2 feature length movies into the Spanish language for me. Their attention to quality and detail was without fault and I was able to build their tracks into multi language DVDs. Their charges are very competitive and the turn-around was exactly as they said it would be. Furthermore they prepared and delivered a sub-title track for one of the movies which was accurate and with excellent timing.

I had been in charge of production for Russ Doughten Films Inc where I authored 10 DVD productions. Now as President of Gospel Outreach 2000 I have responsibility for the DVD production of 8 TV Specials of the Lundstrom Family Singers and I will be sending my translation work to Christian Dubbing Studio.'

I can recommend Christian Dubbing Studio to anyone with whatever language work they may require"

Dr. James D Murphy

President, Gospel Outreach 2000 Inc.



I simply don't know what to say or how to express our gratitude for what you have done. Brother, this is the most incredible synchronization job I have ever seen in my life! You have astounded us all and we are so grateful to God that you handled this job. I cannot adequately put into words how incredibly amazing this finished product is. Simply incredible! We are all impressed beyond measure, almost to the point of shock. From the music you selected, to the closeness of the actors' voices to the original speaker, to the synchronization of the voices, to the imitation of the emotion in the voices, it was all flawless and excellent beyond compare.

Not only will we be using your company for future projects, but we will be recommending you to other ministries with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Every step of the way you have been gracious, accommodating, and understanding. We are excited that thousands of Spanish speaking people are going to be impacted through the fruit of your labor.

Thank you a million times over!!!!!

Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne- Executive Vice President.The Way of the Master/ Living Waters 



Christian Dubbing Studio did an outstanding job on the Farsi translation of our film


Gabriel and his staff were very easy to work with, professional at every step of the process, kept me informed about the progress and delivered the final completed project on time.

I can, without reservation, recommend Gabriel and Christian Dubbing Studio to you.

Terrence Hickey-Vice President Administration,Trinity Broadcasting Network/International Headquarters.



The team at Christian Dubbing Studio have been wonderful to work with. They have provided excellent quality work at a very reasonable cost for every project we’ve done with them and they have always met our crazy deadlines too! Christian Dubbing Studio is the only company we will use for language translation and production needs.

Doug Keesey, President, Eye on Creative Media Group


We work primarily with Christian ministries, producers and production companies. To us, every project is an opportunity to invest it with the best that we have to offer.