Our Team

                                                       Gabriel Rufus - CEO & Founder

After spending several years in a senior position in the advertising and marketing business in India, Gabriel came to the US and started his own ad agency some 18 years ago.

He felt a definite calling to establish a foreign language translations and dubbing studio exclusively for Christian ministries with a goal to improve the quality and integrity of  translations, and deliver high-end lip sync and voice- over productions... Christian Dubbing Studio was born!

Gabriel Rufus is a follower of Christ and is privileged yet humbled with the role and responsibility that's laid on his shoulders.

Nicolas is one of our audio engineers. He has been involved in the audio field for almost 7 years. While doing his bachelors, he got interested, and involved in Electroacoustics, where he learnt all aspects of sound and electronic design. He is a skilled engineer doing Live sound, TV/Film Production & Post production, Radio, Commercials, Dubbing, ADR, among others.

Fl├ívio Medeiros is a composer, music producer and sound engineer graduated with more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment, audio and music production area where many awards and prestige have been obtained. 

Chris McMurry works both on ADR projects as well as on graphic text replacement. Over the years he has developed an eye for details on our language projects.

Joe is a valued asset to the team. He has a passion for IT,and trouble shooting. Besides doing ADR, he excels in foreign language subtitling and DVD menu design and authoring.

We provide a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing services. From translation to adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing. This ensures total production control. Result? Quality at its best!