Our Services:

Translations. Lip sync. Voice Over. Subtitling. Graphic Text Replacement. Editing & Mix. Sound Design.


Maintaining content integrity and cultural relevance is key in our translation process. We do not do direct translation because it does not always get the message across as well as a phrase or idea that is culturally familiar to the audience. We craft, edit and adapt the translation with words that match the lip movement of on-screen characters as well as work with precise time frame.


Our voice talent are native language speakers with experience in lip sync and voice-overs. We maintain a comprehensive database of voice talent in the US as well as in region in different parts of the world. Our team regularly pursues new leads for new talent, additional languages to meet the growing demands.


Unlike regular voice-over and narration, lip sync  requires a skillful blend of translation and voice acting. Our voice talent do not only give their voice but they get into the shoes of the on-screen characters to bring out the original voice in the language that is being dubbed.


Christian Dubbing Studio provides quality subtitling services in more than 70 foreign languages. Our translations are of premium quality and have a structure that matches the audio. The type font style and color complements for high legibility as well as reading speed.Subtitling includes subtitling for theatrical, DVD and broadcast releases.


To us at Christian Dubbing Studio, sound design is an art. We skillfully blend music, sound effects and dialog to create an experience that goes beyond what the audience expects.


You provide original source, we translate your graphics and text. We accept Microsoft Office including PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Apple Keynote files.


All our projects go through a stringent QC prior and after the mix are done. Our mixing engineers have sensitive ears that help in the creative process of the right blend of dialog, music and effects.


Creating foreign language versions, to match original production in content and quality.