Creating foreign language versions, to match original production in content and quality.

Specializing in Christian Content Translations to ensure content integrity and accuracy.


CHRISTIAN DUBBING STUDIO is based in Burbank, California - the media city and hub of the world's film and television industry,and just about 15 minutes away from Hollywood.

The studio is a leading provider of foreign language translations, language dubbing and subtitling services to Christian ministries, producers and production companies.

CHRISTIAN DUBBING STUDIO has over 18 years of experience providing lip sync and voice-over services.

We offer three critical elements with our dubbing services:

1. Casting voice talent to match on-screen characters.

2. Very precise lip synching where with certain languages, it is difficult to differentiate between the original and the dubbed language!

3. Content integrity and culturally relevant translation and adaptation that faithfully captures the nuances of the source language.